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About us independently arranges mortgage loans for its clients.


The majority of foreigners staying in the Netherlands live in rented apartments. They are often very expensive, and their quality leaves much to be desired. Not many people know that they could buy their own house in the Netherlands, and this is possible even is someone is working through a temporary work agency! The monthly fees for living in your own house are usually much lower than rent. Furthermore, by paying off a mortgage loan, the new owner slowly builds their own equity, and the real estate in the Netherlands will be fully paid off when he reaches retirement age. What an excellent retirement bonus!

Who are we? is a Dutch company owned by Dirk Swinkels and Ilona Swinkels-Wojda. The company employs a total of 51 employees. combines the hard working mentality (we don’t get sick often and work hard) and the Dutch mentality of long-term planning. We are also with you after you receive your keys!

The company specializes in mortgages and insurance for foreigners living in the Netherlands.

We created Domek Experience, where you can talk about your future in peace in a homely atmosphere with a play area for children.

Why us? is an independent mortgage consultant, holding the AFMi certificate and registered in the RFD (register financieel dienstverlener). specializes in obtaining mortgage loans for subsidized houses and apartments (there are various forms of this subsidization: Starterslening – Koopgarant – Slimmer Kopen etc.) as well as deposits for renovation (so-called bouwdepot).

We cooperate with many banks, which translates to the lowest interest rate on the market – we choose the bank that currently has the lowest interest rate for you and choose the cheapest life insurance.

We buy throughout all of the Netherlands. Regardless of where you want to buy a house, the cost of is the same. It doesn’t matter how many kilometers separate us from your dream house. We travel there at no expense to you.

If you don’t choose anything, you don’t pay anything. There are no advances with us!

Dirk Swinkels has great contacts with real estate agents throughout the Netherlands. He also includes additional “surprise houses” in the list of houses. These are houses sold by banks, houses after evictions, houses on auction, etc., which are sold up to 40% below market price.

You get consultations and credit rating calculations for free.

We work with all brokers on the real estate market and are completely independent – we receive no commissions from real estate agents. Our rule is transparency, the client sees all costs.

Full loan accounting service.

Our office, which we call Domek Experience, is a 3000m2 surface which contains our meeting places, recreational areas (television, good coffee, and a bar) and play areas for children both indoors and outdoors.