Why do I need a consultant when I can go to my bank?

Advice from our financial consultants is independent and objective. We collaborate with all banks and lenders in the Netherlands. This way, you have all the products on the market to choose from, regardless of which bank they’re from. This way, we can select the product that is most financially favorable for you. Thanks to this, your mortgage will be perfectly suited to your financial situation. We will explain all the intricacies and the logic of the banks to you. What’s worth doing, what’s not worth it, and what you have to watch out for!

For example: If you open a private account at the bank where you want to take a mortgage, you have a lower interest rate – you will receive a 0.1% discount on your mortgage loan. In the case of a 200,000 Euro loan over 30 years, you will pay 6,000 Euro less than if you didn’t open an account there. You will learn a lot more from us when we meet!

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