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What is your home value? House prices are currently breaking all records. Fill in your details and receive the property valuation report for free. enter below the details of the property about which you want to receive a report.


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Find out the value of a house in the Netherlands – online calculator

Real estate in the Netherlands is gaining in value. Check the value of your home with our online calculator and within 20 minutes you will receive a full 

Home value in the Netherlands – see how much your property has gained in value

Whether you want to upgrade to a bigger house, move house, sell your house or just check its value, choose our online calculator. Not only will the report help you know the current value of your home, but it will also give you an idea of ​​today’s real estate prices.

Online Home Value Calculator

We invite you to our free calculator, thanks to which you can easily and quickly check the value of your home. Obtaining this document has never been easier!

Enter your property details and your contact details below and a PDF document will be sent to your email address.

The value of the house and its sale?

Selling real estate with Domek.nl has never been easier! We are aware that it is hard to remember all the formalities, so with our help the sale of a house will be quick and efficient. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail, where our specialists will arrange a meeting during which they will present all stages of selling the house and answer any bothersome questions.

Sale and purchase of new real estate

Sometimes the expansion of the family forces us to buy a bigger property. At Domek.nl it is possible to sell a house and at the same time start the process of buying a new property. Everything in one place because we respect your time.

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At Domek.nl you can find many services. Insurance, home sale and purchase, renovation loan and free calculators such as: mortgage calculator or changing the mortgage to a cheaper one. We take care of every detail of the formalities related to our services, so our clients do not have to worry about anything. We are the leader in the real estate market in the Netherlands, thanks to which thousands of happy clients have trusted us.