Credit for new skylights

Skylights without own money

Credit for new skylights

Do you need new skylights? You can buy them without your own money. Check credit for new skylights.

What are the advantages of skylights?

Skylights are an ideal solution for attic rooms. They ensure that they are well-lit, even by 30 to 50%, the more natural light, the lower the electricity bill! Therefore, a credit for new skylights is the ideal solution. Of course, we can’t forget their aesthetic value. Apart from looking good, they offer heavenly views. Skylights are equipped with tempered glass, so they are also resistant to hail.

Credit for new skylights – what are the terms?

If you want to take out credit for new skylights, calculate your credit score at we will do it for free. How does it look like?

  • The cost is only 40-80 euro per month
  • You DON’T need your own money
  • Increase the value of your property in the event of a sale.
  • Lower your electricity bill
  • In addition, you will receive +/- 800€ from the tax office (belastingdienst)
  • The credit for new skylights is financed by a mortgage
  • Early repayment possible

If you already have roof windows, it is worth replacing them, old windows can contain many harmful substances.

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