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Heat Pump Credit

Without own money

Heat Pump Credit

Do you need to replace your stove with a new one? Check the current trends and your options. A credit for a heat pump helps you get the right heating at home.

Replacing the oven at your home brings many benefits. In addition, you can do this without your own money.

What are the advantages of a heat pump?

The Dutch government has taken measures to completely eliminate gas heating. Of course, this is a lengthy process, but when you replace your stove with a new one, you should consider the latest trend, which is the heat pump. What are the advantages? Check the credit for your heat pump and find out today!

  • You DON’T need your own money
  • Heat pump is an environmentally friendly heating method
  • Reduce your gas bills
  • The pump is cheap to operate
  • It’s saving and investment
  • At we help you with all formalities

Heat pump cools and warms

Another advantage of the heat pump is the installation of a fan convector, which allows us to heat your house not only in winter but also cool it during the summer. Therefore, a credit for a heat pump is an investment in your home that becomes more environmentally friendly. You automatically increase the value of your property in the event of a sale.

Heat pump credit – how does it work?

First, we calculate your credit score, completely free of charge, then we help you with all the formalities between you and the bank. Find out today that a heat pump credit is a responsible and profitable investment. Contact us via the form below, call 088 1021 500 lor write an e-mail