Periodical auditing of loans

Periodical mortgage loan auditing service

What does that involve?

Once every 2 years, we invite our clients to the headquarters for a follow-up conversation about their mortgages. During this conversation, our mortgage consultant will take stock of the following information:

  • Has your employment situation changed
  • Has the amount of your income changed
  • Has your family situation changed
  • Is the loan’s interest rate still competitive
  • Is it possible to reduce loan costs further

What will I get?

  1. If any changes occurred with regard to the issues listed above, we then check whether the mortgage loan and insurance you have are still right for you in light of your current personal situation. We also check whether it is possible to reduce your monthly costs. Maybe it is possible to bring these costs down thanks to mediation with the bank with regard to the amount of the interest rate or by making changes to your life insurance policy.
  2. When the period for which a fixed interest rate was provided nears its end, we compare the interest rate offers proposed by various banks and choose the one that will be the best for you.
  3. During the follow-up conversation, we also pay attention to future income from your pension fund. We provide advice on this issue concerning potential retirement savings and the tax benefits associated with them. (Read more about pensions)
  4. If you have a so-called “starterslening” we help with recalculations and potentially with transferring this loan.
  5. If your relationship has split up, and one of the partners wishes to remain and reside in a jointly purchased house/apartment, or both partners wish to sell their joint real estate, helps in these situations too. We take care of making the necessary changes to the mortgage loan, and if necessary, we can handle the sale of this real estate. (Read more about divorces)

What will I gain?

Every year, we file definitive and temporary tax statements (income taxes) for you and your partner (so-called “IB-aangifte”). If you don’t have an APK subscription, the costs related to filing these tax forms are 50 Euro annually per person for a definitive statement and 40 Euro per person for a temporary statement!

Thanks to an APK subscription, but under the condition that you will notify us of changes in the income you receive on time, you have the guarantee that you will never pay additional taxes after the fact only for the reason that your current income was not taken into account.

Moreover, we offer the following services:

  1. Application for receiving a premium for health insurance (“Zorgtoeslag”), premium for childcare (“Kinderopvang toeslag”), premium for child (“Kindgebonden budget”). Without an APK subscription, every application costs 40 Euro.
  2. Updating information (concerning premiums, etc.) for the purposes of the tax authority. (Without the APK subscription, a fee is collected for every update, in the amount from 20 to 40 Euro.)
  3. Application for unemployment benefit (“WW uitkering”). (Without the APK subscription, a fee of 80 Euro is charged for every application.)

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