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– The maximum amount of a Starterslening is 20% of the costs related to purchasing the house, but no more than € 30,000.-.
– In every case, no interest and no rates are paid for the first 3 years of this loan.
– In the case of a Starterslening loan, the borrower pays only when they have sufficient funds to pay the interest rate. The client does not have to repay the interest for which the borrower received the subsidy.
– Every year (or more precisely, in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 15th year of the loan’s duration), the borrower’s income is checked. If the income increased, the borrower begins to pay interest on the Starterslening they received.
– After 15 years, the amount of the borrower’s income is checked for the last time. The unpaid part of the Starterslening must be paid off in the case of sale of the real estate or at the end of the period for which the loan was taken (30 years).

Slimmer Kopen"

– Slimmer Kopen is a method of buying, in the case of purchase of one’s first house/apartment, where the buyer receives a discount (even up to 40%) on the price of the real estate.
– At the time of real estate purchase, a part of the price for the house (this is the aforementioned discount, expressed as a percentage) is paid by the housing corporation; the buyer returns this document when they themselves sell the real estate.
– A buyer of a house in the Slimmer Kopen® is the owner of 100% of the real estate they purchased.


– Those buying their first house under the Koopgarant system receive a discount (from 10% even up to 33%) on the real estate’s market value.
– The amount of this discount also defines the relationship in which profit is divided in the event of the future sale of the real estate by the buyer.
– The housing corporation takes advantage of the profit or suffers a loss at the time of the house’s future sale (depending on its value at the given time), and at the time of purchase, the client benefits in any case because monthly costs of residency are reduced, since such a client requires a lower mortgage loan than they normally would if they didn’t have this discount.
– Housing corporation reserve the right of preemptive purchase, thanks to which there is always a guarantee that the given real estate will be sold quickly.