Who is a Kennismigrant?

A Kennismigrant is a highly skilled migrant, a person from outside the European Union, who comes to work in The Netherlands based on his or her specialized knowledge. Kennismigrant is defined by age and salary. The Netherlands has developed a special program that makes it easier for companies to hire highly skilled people from outside the EU.

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How to become a highly skilled migrant?

The skilled migration procedure is one of the ways to apply for a residence permit before coming to the Netherlands. There are a number of conditions that you must meet before applying.

First of all, a highly skilled migrant must have a residence permit. To qualify for this, you must meet the general conditions that apply to all migrants and a number of additional requirements.

  • You have a valid passport or other travel document.
  • You sign a certificate of no criminal record. In this certificate, you provide information about your criminal record. For example, you declare that you have not committed any crimes.
  • You also declare that you have not given any incorrect information or stayed in the Netherlands illegally. The certificate does not have to be completed by children under the age of 12.
  • You have a valid residence permit in the Netherlands and are applying for another residence permit, or you were born in the Netherlands and have always lived here.
  • You have an EU long-term resident’s residence permit issued by another EU country or you are the family of a member and have already been admitted to another EU country as a family member of a long-term resident.
  • You took a TB test in the Netherlands less than 6 months ago.

The employment of highly skilled migrants

Companies that wish to employ a worker as a highly skilled migrant (so-called Kennismigrant) must be a recognized IND sponsor. A general outline of the process can be found here in English and Dutch. As an employer, you must apply for an IND. This also involves costs, and can take a long time. After receiving your application, the IND has 90 days to make a decision. After this decision, it may take another 2 weeks before the permit is ready. If all this is accomplished, as an employer you are ready, but the highly skilled migrant is not yet. He has to register with the municipality, buy health insurance and, if applicable the pass a TB test.

Benefits for knowledge migrants

  • Highly skilled migrants are exempt from the language learning requirements for migrants, known in the Netherlands as Civic Integration;
  • Highly skilled kennismigrants may qualify for a 30% reimbursement. This reimbursement compensates for additional costs that foreign workers may incur when moving to a new country for work;
  • The employer will also apply for a residence permit for your family members.

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