Credit for renovation: new kitchen

Without own money

Credit for renovation: new kitchen

Thinking about a new kitchen? Invest in your home and increase the value of your home. Take out a credit for renovation: new kitchen without own financial resources.

The kitchen is the most important place in the house where we prepare meals together, have conversations and sit down at the table. We spend most of our time there, check the credit for the renovation: the new kitchen should be comfortable, functional and also cozy. Take care of the heart of your home. Become a cardiologist for your kitchen today!

How do I get credit?

With it’s very easy. We help you to check your credit score completely free of charge and together submit an application to the bank. With us you don’t worry about formalities and just think about a new style of your kitchen!

Credit for renovation: new kitchen – what are the advantages?

Renovation usually is associated with a big expense. Nothing more deceptive, a new kitchen increases the value of your home, which not only increases comfort, but also leads to a higher profit in the event of sale of your home. Credit for renovation: new kitchen is a good idea! Why?

  • The cost is only 20-40 € per month
  • You DON’T need your own money
  • In addition, you will receive +/- 800€ from the tax office (belastingdienst)
  • Financing by mortgage credit
  • Early repayment possible

Renovation credit: a new kitchen within reach!

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Check your options now, fill out the form and our advisor will get in touch with you. Our specialists will help you with all the formalities, you don’t have to worry about anything. To make it easier, check out our tips on the subject – credit for renovation: new kitchen.

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