Housing and mortgage in case of separation

A breakup requires not only soothing emotions but also settling matters related to money, taxes, and law. Likely, this decision will also impact where and how you will live.

Do you have a mortgage with your ex-partner, or alone? Do either of you want to stay in a shared house after the breakup? Or perhaps you will decide to sell the property?

At Domek.nl, we will help you understand the available options and maintain control over your financial situation.

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Mortgage Assumption
Repaying an ex-partner
New mortgage after separation

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Mortgage Assumption

You own a house or apartment together on mortgage and after the breakup, one of you wants to take over the property along with the current mortgage and low interest rate. This option is possible after determining in advance whether the finances of the person remaining in the house will allow it.

In the case of a separation, banks have a simpler and more accessible approval process than at the time of the first mortgage, so online calculations should not be suggested in this situation. A person who is already living at home is treated much more leniently by the bank, so the earnings may be less than with a first mortgage.


Repaying an ex-partner

The departing partner is entitled to half the value of the house. However, you do not necessarily need cash to repay your ex-partner, as the bank where you have the mortgage can lend you the money for this purpose as well as cover all costs associated with transferring the mortgage.

The deed of partition (akte van verdeling) officially registers the owner of the house and the mortgage.


New mortgage after separation

If you are considering moving out of your shared home after a breakup and would like to find out how much mortgage you can get in your new situation, our advisors are ready to help. We will look into your financial possibilities and suggest the best solutions. Initial calculations and information are free of charge. Even if you decide to reconsider, there is no cost to you!

Remember, it’s important that you think about separating your mortgage as soon as you separate. Ignoring financial and legal matters in this regard, can have negative consequences in the future.