Mortgage loan with statement of job prospects

Are you a temporary worker and want to buy a house? Check whether you qualify for receiving a statement of job prospects now!


In the Netherlands, more and more people are working on flexible terms. Four out of ten workers in the Netherlands do not have a steady contract. But without such a contract, getting a mortgage loan is difficult. Thanks to a statement of job prospects, you too will be one step closer to owning your own house.

Statement of job prospects in 4 steps

  • On-line questionnaire, personality test and profile creation
  • If everything is clear, start your application (max. 10 min)
  • Conversation with a friendly person about your motivations, evaluation and references
  • Evaluation of all documentation

A job prospect is the starting point

The statement of job prospects is based on your opportunities on the labor market. Based on special analysis and a personal conversation, we evaluate whether you have sufficient employment prospects in the near future. In other words, how probable is it that you will still be working and will be able to pay off a mortgage loan. If the chances are good, a statement of job prospects will be issued.

The time for consideration of an application is about 3 to 4 weeks.Therefore, all required information should be provided on time and be complete!


Everything about job prospects

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Workers with a flexible employment contract often don’t have the opportunity to take out a mortgage loan. Banks are afraid to grant it, because they need the certainty that a contract for an unspecified time affords. Work agencies are convinced that taking a look at a worker’s employment prospects is equally important when it comes to granting a mortgage loan. As the labor market gets increasingly flexible, it is important to evaluate a person from the perspective of their opportunities on the labor market, their mobility and flexibility. On this basis, it is possible to predict whether someone will be able to sustain themselves and fulfill their mortgage obligations in the future.

For workers with a flexible employment contract, a statement of job prospects raises the chance that they will get a mortgage loan. You can also turn to all mortgage consultants in the Netherlands with a statement of job prospects. Work agencies collaborate intensively with, a company specializing in getting mortgage loans for foreigners in the Netherlands. has direct representatives at, among others, ABN AMRO, Aegon, Florius, ING, Obvion, SNS.

In the case of the employer’s statement and employer’s declaration of intent to continue employment, a current or future employment contract is evaluated: the employee has or will shortly have a contract for an unspecified time, and thanks to this, will be able to fulfill their mortgage obligations. In the case of the statement of job prospects, besides the contract, education, professional experience, skills, position and the situation on the labor market are evaluated for the purpose of determining whether the given person will also be able to take care of their living standard and sustain themselves in the future.

No. When you already receive a statement of job prospects and ultimately decide to take a mortgage loan, you will still receive the form of the employer’s statement from the mortgage creditor. It will have to be filled out and signed by the employer.

  • You have to have been working at least 52 consecutive weeks through your work agency.
  • You are seriously looking for a house or apartment.
  • You are able to present two references.
  • You are able to present your diplomas upon request.

This is possible if the applicant presents their income from the past three years, and demonstrates that the income in the last year is no lower than the average income from the three years. Information is only checked into the past; prospects and opportunities on the labor market are not accounted for at all or only to a minimal extent. Thanks to the statement of job prospects, we want to change this.

Yes, NHG is applicable to mortgage loans granted based on a statement of job prospects. If you will no longer be able to pay off your mortgage from NHG due to unforeseen circumstances such as divorce, unemployment, reduced income, inability to work, or death of your partner, you may turn to the National Mortgage Loan Guarantee Fund (Nationale Hypotheek Garantie – NHG) for assistance.

It is valid for 6 months from its date of issue (the condition for using it is that a worker is employed in a work agency at the given time).